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Kat Kronenberg Dares to "Dream BIG"

posted Aug 6, 2018, 3:20 PM by txword wrangler

Word Wrangler welcomes Kat Kronenberg to the Festival!
Kat says on her site: I love the color purple, tangerines, anything I can sing, and I have a huge DREAM —That two-leggers, people, all around the world catch CATCH-M too and watch their wildest dreams come true!

My wild dream to write a book came to me at a symphony with my husband some ten years ago. I had my eyes closed, taking in the music, and I’m not sure what you’d call it, divine inspiration, God. But something whacked me over the head that I was meant to write a book about the power of a smile to help us all live our best life.

Her book is "Dream BIG." Have you ever wondered how that first caterpillar achieved the impossible dream of soaring with wings through the sky?
Or how that first Tadpole hopped up on the bank of a stream to sing?