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Kathryn Lane: Backyard Volcano And Other Mysteries of the Hear

posted Aug 6, 2018, 3:26 PM by txword wrangler
Word Wrangler welcomes Kathryn Lane to the Festival!

Kathryn was originally a painter in oils but quickly changed to accounting and international finance after she discovered the artistic path of painting leads to a starving artist existence. To cement her ability to earn a living, she became a CPA and a CMA and worked for a multinational corporation where she traveled extensively for two decades. After jetting to over 90 countries, her travels gave her the opportunity to fulfill another passion – to write fiction. Now she writes fiction inspired by Latin American cultures she experienced firsthand during her career as an international finance executive.

Backyard Volcano And Other Mysteries of the Heart is a collection of my short stories.These stories contain symbolism punctuated by hints of surrealism. They surprise you with twists and turns so common in everyday life in Latin cultures.