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Dino Buddies Returning to Word Wrangler!

posted Sep 7, 2018, 12:35 PM by txword wrangler

Word Wrangler welcomes Sprout and Aunt Eeebs to the Festival!
Sprout says: These are pseudonyms for a sister and brother team that has written and illustrated Dino-Buddies books since 1988. My sister was 'dubbed' as 'Eeebs' by my two children when they were quite young. Playing a big part on the creative side, Aunt Eeebs makes the larger ideas become refined. When she and I are 'in tune and clicking', the cute rhymes and alliterations seem to just appear in our laps. Aunt Eeebs enjoys the author signing events and especially loves reading and interacting with the little ones!

My nickname, 'Sprout' was given to me during my high school years. I was quite thin, looked much younger than my friends, and was way too shy. Always being interested in art and creative projects, I started from a young age developing products. Generally working behind the scenes, the large majority of art, layouts, coordination and marketing falls under my 'To-Do' list.

In their book, "But It's the Truth" It is a rainy day in Onid Valley, and the Dino-Buddies can’t go outside to play. After they decide on an indoor game, they spot a Dino-BuLLy who has taken shelter on the porch. Watchfully, they invite the visitor inside to play, and a mystery unfolds as to “whodunnit” when a lamp breaks. When the responsibility appears to point to one dinosaur, the Dino-Buddies become eager to focus on the facts and learn the truth.