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Diane Garner and Doug Hiser

posted Sep 11, 2012, 3:50 PM by txword wrangler
Welcome Diane Garner author of "Cinderella's Daughter and the Secret of Big Bend"

Diane Garner considers herself a small town Texas Anglo girl with an astonishingly successful single mom. She experiences a dramatic transition from desperate poverty that resulted when her father abandoned the family. The family finds prosperity in a small Texas town when her mother becomes a hospital executive-a very unusual career for a woman in the fifties. Diane grows up in the nurturing community where she enjoys various adventures and mischievous pranks with friends. One day at the age of twenty-two she learns a startling secret about her mother's hidden past, then embarks on a journey to restore the lost legacy of her family.

Diane Garner grew up in small town Texas and was an educator in Houston for 25 years. In 1975 she transcribed her grandfather's 130 letters as a gift to her mother. After retiring, she began in earnest to write her family's story. She has previously published Letters from the Big Bend: Legacy of a Pioneer. She and her husband live in Houston, Texas where she is an active member of her church and likes to read, travel, and do volunteer work.

Welcome Doug Hiser author of "Montana Mist: Winter of the White Wolf"

In the remote Montana wilderness, a mountain man, once a professional athlete, lives his life in seclusion protecting and raising orphan wolves until he gives his heart to Sassy, a young woman hitchhiking across America. He guards his secrets and the other woman in his life, a beautiful blind woman, known as "Shy Girl." The wolf pack roams the mountains as he searches for the white wolf, Mist; that he raised and released into the harsh snowy forested peaks, his ties with the wolves as close as the bond with his new love. Montana Mist is the story of one man's secrets, the two women in his life, and the wild world of wolves of the remote forest in the last untamed region where man has not put his imprint on the land. A man shaped by the mystery of his past and the complication of his future while the adventure of his heart threatens to destroy his solitary precious world of mountain, wolverine, moose, elk, and wolf.

Doug Hiser is an author/artist, athlete/coach, teacher, American Gladiator, with a background in applied design and visual arts. Author of Secret Grotto, Cavern of the Eggstone, Lost Oasis, Crow Canyon, Wink-Eye Creek, Amazon.com bestseller, The Honey Bee Girl, Tropical Calypso-award winning short stories, Amazon bestseller 2011 Montana Mist.. The many books range from sensitive bitttersweet drama, literary fiction to all out odd quirky horror flings. Hiser writes to purge his mind of the unending bombardment of imagination that must be released.