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David Mundine Shares His Experience in "Behind the Glass Door"

posted Aug 9, 2018, 1:56 PM by txword wrangler

Word Wrangler welcomes David Mundine to the Festival!

David L. Mundine was raised in a family that attended church, Sunday school, and even vacation bible school. He always felt close to God and was an ordinary boy. In 1965, at age thirteen, his ordinary life was shaken by an extraordinary experience.

While riding in the back seat of his uncle’s car a blinding flash of light engulfed him with a vivid vision of a terrible event that frightened him deeply. It was a warning that he believes was from God. It was clear the event, an automobile accident, could be disastrous for his brother and others but all he could do was pray for their safety. The accident took place exactly as he saw it but everyone survived without serious injury. This marked the beginning of many such experiences that he seldom shared with anyone for fear of ridicule.

Now, after more than fifty years of keeping these incidents secret, David has written a book describing them all in great detail including the day in 1983 when he saw Jesus. To write Behind The Glass Door David Mundine had to overcome the fear of putting himself out there for possible ridicule and humiliation. Now, after years of resistance, he bravely shares all the details of the visions and other deeply moving experiences of his life. It’s a journey from which all of us can learn and gain inspiration.