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Cindy Cerny and Connie Carson

posted Sep 10, 2012, 1:31 PM by txword wrangler

Through the Eyes of InnocenceWelcome to Cindy Cerny author of "Through the Eyes of Innocence."
In this beautiful photographic edition, Poet Cindy Cerny has aptly captured in verse what the photographers have immortalized on film. As the title implies, innocence is personified on each precious and often precocious face. Page by page the reader is captivated by the purity of the subject matter and delighted by the quality of each image.

Cindy Cerny was born and raised in Glen Flora, Texas. The Author resides in Friendly Corner, a small community outside of El Campo, Texas.

Welcome to Connie Carson author of "The Marshal's Lady"

Amber had grown up as the oldest of seven children in a very poor family in St. Louis, Missouri. So, when a wealthy Texas rancher had ask her to marry him she had jumped at the chance for a better life. She did not know until they arrived at the ranch just how isolated the ranch was or the true personality of her husband. Jace Prescott's father was a sheep rancher and his mother was an Apache Indian. Jace grew up under the cruel hand of his father and the hatred of the people of Wolf Creek, Texas because he was a half-breed Apache.

ReadinFront Coverg has always been one of Connie's favorite past times.  During her early school years her favorite reading material was about animals, especially horses.  While in high school she began reading historical fiction and claims to have learned more history from fiction than from text books.

   Shortly before retiring from her government job Connie decided to write a book of her own.  She didn't know what time frame she wanted to write about but knew she wanted it to be something about the settling of early America.  After much research and thought she chose to begin by writing about life during the American revolution.  Besides writing Connie enjoys doing volunteer work at the animal shelter in her hometown of Austin, Texas.