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Agnes Hannes & Anna Church

posted Sep 4, 2012, 1:23 PM by txword wrangler
Welcome Agnes Hannes author of "Vera Kara's Family Picking Up the Pieces, Again"

Based on memories of Vera Kara, daughter of the Austrian brew master to Czar Nicholas, the Kara family story is at times a fairy tale and a nightmare. In three generations, they lose four fortunes and must repeatedly surrender their way of life. Although their story could be of hate and regret, it is instead of hope for tomorrow, as the family rebuilds after each tragedy by relegating life's disappointments to the dustbin of yesterday.

Agnes was born and raised on a Central Texas farm/cattle ranch. Being a tomboy, she played in the woods and rode horses with friends on Sundays. Agnes learned early on that when a person is having fun, work is always easier. Laughter makes any load lighter. She has been happily married for forty-eight years, to her best friend, with two loving children and one exceptional grandson.

Welcome Anna Church author of "A Bug Who Needs a Hug"

A Bug Who Needs A Hug is about a fuzzy little bug that goes out into the forest looking for someone to hug. The vivid and colorful illustrations in the book emphasize the importance of friendship and leave a positive message for children at the end of the story.

Anna was born on an Iowa farm. However, when she got married and had two children she became a world traveler. She now has four grandchildren, but still has time to create her books with her partner, Nicole Taylor. The creation of the little bug who just wanted a hug sprouted from a character the author, Anna Church, had been using for years in her classes. After retiring, she finally had the time to work on creating her series for all children across the world. She has a B.S. and a M.S. in Elementary Education and has taught many years overseas. When she is not writing or illustrating children’s books, she is enjoying time with her grandchildren, designing jewelry, studying yoga or hiking in new places.