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Author P.G. Shriver Finds Inspiration Everywhere!

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Word Wrangler welcomes P.G. Shriver to the Festival!
P.G. says of herself: ​
Hi! I'm P. G. Shriver, the award winning author of the middle grade short story, Cool Penny. I write fiction books for ages five and up.

Inspiration comes from everywhere for me. Even signs I see while driving down the road. I love traveling to book festivals and schools to interact with my young fans. I love to write and illustrate more than anything. This past year, I was in a bad car accident that kept me from doing both for a while and it made me realize how important it is for me to never take my time for granted. Now, I try to write and draw a little each day.
I've been a published author for forty-nine years, twenty of which I've also taught writing. To date, I've written fourteen books.

Her book is "Sally The Travelin' Artist"
Sally, Red and a grumpy new friend roll into a new festival adventure. This time they help a young artist with a masterpiece. Will her art piece place in the festival? And why is Sally's new friend so grumpy?

Kathleen J. Shields, Both a Writer and Artist

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Word Wrangler welcomes Kathleen J. Shields to the Festival!

Author Kathleen J. Shields is fast at work releasing fun and exciting books of all genres, for all ages and plans to keep putting out books and fun stories as long as God allows. While running a website and graphic design business and every task as her own publishing company, she keeps up with weekly blog posts and writing new adventures

Kathleen never tires of finding ways to be creative. She enjoys learning new things, teaching herself new programs and writing about anything she can dream of. Being self-taught, she does it all on her own; following the model, if you want it done right…

Of her book "Ghost Dogs"
As a toddler, Jamie’s pulled from the clutches of death by his loving dog Sal. His awakening gives him the ability to see ghost dogs.
Growing up with this gift has its ups and downs. Among those are harsh conversations, difficult choices, and a unique responsibility to do something good.

Author Linda Maria Salerno wonders "Where are All the Houston Toads?"

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Word Wrangler welcomes Linda Maria Salerno to the Festival!

Linda Maria Salerno was born in Queens New York and moved at age five to Smithtown Long Island New York. Here she became an animal rights activist since fourth grade joining The American Horse Protection Association, gave up eating flesh at the age of fourteen, then worked on her art and writing. Fairness to the environment has always been a very important subject to her along with reading on the sciences and psychological aspects of how to make a better world. She did extensive travel in the states having several businesses but that was not enough for her goals in life. She needed to see the world, and the world was there just waiting for her to explore.

Linda's first book, "Where are all the Houston Toads?" is about a local endangered species. She is working on the illustrations for her second book, an autobiography in a comic book.

Gary Roe Reaches out to Teen with Book "Teen Grief"

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Word Wrangler welcomes Gary Roe to the Festival!

Gary is an author, speaker, and grief specialist with eight books and over 500 articles in print. A former missionary and pastor, he now serves as a hospice chaplain and grief counselor for Hospice Brazos Valley in central Texas.

His book, "Teen Grief", was written to help teen navigate loss. While trying to make sense of an increasingly confusing and troubled world, teens get hit, again and again, with moves, separations, divorces, rejections, substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, illness, disability, and death. They wonder "Why me?" "Is it my fault?" and "Am I going to make it?"

Author Patty York Loves Books on Culture & Tradition

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Word Wrangler welcomes Patty York Raymond to the Festival!

Patty York Raymond is an Award Winning Author. Her books are written for children 3-8 years of age, but they are enjoyed by younger and older kids alike. Parents like that Patty's books are easy to relate to and that they are about family, nature, culture and traditions. Teachers find that Patty's books can be used as springboards to literacy, social studies and science concepts.

The ABCs to Ranching is a cultural perspective on ranching in South Texas. It is a humorous account of a mischievous young boy determined to help his father with the chores. “Let’s go,” he yells to his Catahoula Cowdog as his father warns him not to get underfoot. With one mishap after another, the young boy develops an appreciation for nature and a strong connection to his father and their heritage—all centered on the alphabet.

Connie Peck Brings us "The Proud Little Pine."

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Word Wrangler welcomes Connie Peck to the Festival!

Connie says: I was reading before I was in school. My favorite books were the Little Golden Books I would find in the grocery store. my greatest motivation for good behavior on any shopping trip was the promise of a new book.

I quickly learned to be a storyteller. Listening to my father and his friends sharing hair raising stories of flying huge airplanes in dangerous situations taught me the element of suspense. Listening to my cousins, aunts, and uncles taught me the element of humor and surprise. Listening to my college professors taught me the element of story design.

My favorite books growing up were always horse books. I consumed every book I could find with a horse on the cover. When I had read everything I could find in the local library, I graduated to stories about dogs, then eventually to Westerns.

The Proud Little Pine is an anamorphic, easy chapter book which tells the life story of a ponderosa pine tree in a managed tree forest.

Insights into Masculinity and Fatherhood in Jonathan Oliver's "Joy in the Journey"

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Word Wrangler welcomes Jonathan Oliver to the Festival!

Jonathan has written the book, "Joy in the Journey."
As the roles of masculinity continue to evolve, more and more men are embracing new and exciting roles of being men. No longer is it acceptable for men to be emotionally disconnected from their children. Men are learning to accept the fact they can be just as loving, caring and nurturing as women. Doing so does not make them less of a man, it makes them authentic men who are committed to loving their children and being amazing fathers. Joy In The Journey provides men with a guidebook to support them in dealing with the challenges of manhood and provides insights to make the experience more rewarding and fulfilling.

"Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car", the First Book of Cathey Graham Nickell

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Word Wrangler welcomes Cathey Graham Nickell to the Festival!

Cathey says "I’ve been writing stories and such since I was a kid. Today I’m writing and publishing children’s books—and talking about it to elementary students at schools throughout Houston and beyond. My company is called Twenty-Eight Creative, and I launched my first picture book, Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car, in 2016. My next project will be a middle-grade book."

Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car
Arthur Zarr is a quiet man with few friends. His life is rather plain, and his car is plain, too. But not for long! Mr. Zarr finds happiness and makes friends by building an amazing art car. In this whimsical story, children learn about recycling, community, friendship building, and the power of imagination.

David Mundine Shares His Experience in "Behind the Glass Door"

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Word Wrangler welcomes David Mundine to the Festival!

David L. Mundine was raised in a family that attended church, Sunday school, and even vacation bible school. He always felt close to God and was an ordinary boy. In 1965, at age thirteen, his ordinary life was shaken by an extraordinary experience.

While riding in the back seat of his uncle’s car a blinding flash of light engulfed him with a vivid vision of a terrible event that frightened him deeply. It was a warning that he believes was from God. It was clear the event, an automobile accident, could be disastrous for his brother and others but all he could do was pray for their safety. The accident took place exactly as he saw it but everyone survived without serious injury. This marked the beginning of many such experiences that he seldom shared with anyone for fear of ridicule.

Now, after more than fifty years of keeping these incidents secret, David has written a book describing them all in great detail including the day in 1983 when he saw Jesus. To write Behind The Glass Door David Mundine had to overcome the fear of putting himself out there for possible ridicule and humiliation. Now, after years of resistance, he bravely shares all the details of the visions and other deeply moving experiences of his life. It’s a journey from which all of us can learn and gain inspiration.

Amber Manning is 100% Texan, Writes "Mighty Big and Super Great"

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Word Wrangler welcomes Amber Manning to the Festival!

Amber Manning is an independent, working mother of 3 rowdy and handsome boys. She has a "no-nonsense, never quit, make no excuses" attitude and tries her best to stay positive throughout life! Her main purpose in this world, she believes, is to raise her boys properly, help others and make a difference! She loves "the old school" way of living and believes that if more people would have that attitude that the world would be a better place! Born and raised in Texas, she is 100% Texan in heart!

Mighty Big and Super Great (Texas is the Lone Star State) is two parts. The first part is a rhyming and witty story that touches on some of the history of Texas while also introducing the importance, meaning and symbols that are relevant in our state. The second part includes 28 fun Texas facts mixed with more knowledge of fundamental elements such as the Texas pledge and our state song.

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