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Authors 2018

Baker, Susan P. Unaware 
Castillo, Angela The River Girl's Song 
Chrismer, Melanie Updated Comets 
Clinton, Roy Midnight Marauders Book 1 
Darst, Mary Lou War Ready, In My Father's Daughter 
Doerr, Bob The Magic of Vex 
Fairchild, Andrew Have You Seen My Egg? 
Foley, Jamie Sentinel 
Garland, Sherry Voices of the Western Frontier 
Hayes, Celia Wayne's Website A Fifth of Luna City 
Hudgens, Laura A Day at the Berns Family Farm 
Husted, Dawn Scythe of Darkness 
Kronenberg, Kat Dream BIG 
Lane, Kathryn Finding Home Facebook Backyard Volcano 
Lee, Ernie Aquasaurus 
Lowe, Judy Ann The Little White Light 
Manning, Amber Might Big and Super Great 
Mundine, David L. Behind the Glass Door 
Nickell, Cathey Graham Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car 
Oliver, Jonathan Joy in the Journey 
Peck, Connie The Proud Little Pine 
Raymond, Patty York The ABC's to Ranching 
Roe, Gary Teen Grief: Caring for the Grieving Teenage Heart 
Salerno, Linda Maria  Where Are All The Houston Toads? 
Shields, Kathleen J. Ghost Dogs 
Shriver, P.G. Sally the Travelin' Artist 
Sprout (with Aunt Eeebs) But It's the Truth (Dino Buddies) 
Stovall, Carolyn A Texas Gal Cooks 
Walpole, Haril W.  Election and Free Will 
Zoch, Nelson J. All His Enemies