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Authors 2016

Anthony, Art  Sulphur River 
Barrett, Jane Carter  Antonio Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore 
Barton, Angie  Angeline Makes the Team 
Capers, Harry P., Jr.  Dino-Buddies 
Carson, Connie  The Bugle's Call 
Chrismer, Melanie  Lone Star Legacy: The Texas Rangers, Then and Now 
Clements, Dave and Kevin Black  Raising A Hand 
Coleman, Elaine  Fat Fannie's Fudge Factory 
Earne, Michael P.  The A to Z Book of Birds 
Edward, R. Wayne Wayne's Website It Came Knocking 
Edwards, Tim  Return to Eden 
Fuller, Donna  Happy Work, Happy Life, An Inside Job 
Hayes, Celia and Jeanne Hayden  The Chronicles of Luna City 
Hill, Lydia Finding Home Facebook Finding Home 
Hiser, Doug  Ten Secrets of Love 
Hulsey, J. C.  Angel Falls Texas 
Hutchins, Pamela   Earth to Emily 
Jones, Bill  What Ever Will Be, Will Be, Deal With It 
Kimball, Allan C.  Rainbows Wait for Rain 
Landgraf, Larry  Into Autumn 
McKey, Nola   From Teacakes to Tamales 
Murphey, Cecil and Gary Roe  Saying Goodbye:Facing the Loss of a Loved One 
Nolan, Shirley  Lotus 
Peck, Connie  Belts, Buckles and Tiaras 
Porter, James Wesley  A Spiritual Dog: Bear 
Scrogin, Gary   Penny: The Palomino Quarter Horse and Her New Shoes 
Shields, Kathleen  Hamilton Troll Meets Fiona The Dog 
Stehle, Andrea  Gods of Arcadia Origins: Amazonia 
Wendt, K  Susie 
Wiester, Candice M.  Jinglebell Grown Up 
Wilson, Jim  Poetry Floats: New and Selected Philosophy -- Lite