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 Carson, Connie The Ranger's ChoiceConnie's Page on Goodreads
 Chapman, Laura The XYZ of Being Wicked Q&A with Laura on her book
 Cleveland, Renita F. Survivor's Journey, Breast Cancer and Beyond 
 DeGerolami, Stan Julio, Beware of False Prophets Book on Amazon
 Dismukes, KimberlyThe Lord's Plan, My Journey With the Lord, A Choice, A Child, An Answer to Prayer, A Witness The Lord's Plan at West Bow Press
 Drulman, Dorothy CreaghCreagh on West Bow Press
 Edwards, R. Wayne How I Became A Parrot Wayne Edwards' Website
 Hewitt, Joe B. Mystery of the Vanished Gold  Murder On the Sky RideMystery of the Vanished Gold website
 Kring, Billy 1889 Journey to the Moon, a Novel Journey to the Moon Facebook
 Langford, David and Cantu, Lori Woodward  Hillingdon Ranch Hillingdon Ranch website
 Lawrence, Bob Indian Princess Indian Princess on Amazon
Laughing LexieLaughing Lexie Judianne's Facebook page for Roxy's Angels
 Moody, Mary AnnRegina, The Delengrad Trilogy Regina, the Facebook page
 Peck, Connie Midnight and the Racehorse Connie's biography page
Posey, Marona  Look Away, Dixieland Look Away Facebook page
 Richey, Allen The Naked Truth  Allen Richey's page
 Scott, Richard C., Sr.Ruminations On a LifeRuminations On a Life on Barnes & Noble
 Shriver, P. G. The Gifted Ones, The Dream The Gifted Ones on Amazon
 Steele, Dayna and Grossman, Page Welcome to College! 101 Ways to Rock Your World Dayna Steele's Amazon page
 Wargelin, Paul Victor Twisted Tumbleweed Tales Book on Amazon
 Wier, George The Last Call George's website