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Authors 2013

 Benavides, Greta
 Zyanya Facebook Page
Zyanya Always and Forever
 Carson, Connie Cowboy's Cousin on Amazon
 The Cowboy's Cousin
 Chrismer, Melanie Melanie Chrismer -Phoebe ClappsaddlePhoebe Clappsaddle Series
 Church, Anna Hug A Bug Travels Hug-A-Bug Travels to Greece
 Coleman, Elaine Fat Fannie's on Amazon Fat Fannie's Fudge Factory
 Doerr, Bob Bob Doerr's Website No One Left to Kill
 Edwards, Wayne Wayne's website-Family Poet The Fork
 Fite, Candilynn Candilynn Fite's Blogspot Little Acorn's Big Fall
 Groneman, William III Books by William Groneman September 11
 Grudzinski, Connie The Black Pony Facebook The Black Pony
 Kerr, Jeff Jeff Kerr's Blog Seat of Empire (book about Austin)
 May, Bob Honoring Black Ball The Best Season: The First 90 Games
 McGinty, Rebecca book on Amazon Ringold Rebel
 Penny, Gean Gean Penny's website Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack Are Alive
 Saxon, Louise Book on Amazon Journeys and Getaways
 Taylor, Boyd Heroes of San Jacinto Facebook The Hero of San Jacinto
 Wilbur, Dee Dee Wilbur website Revening Wolves
 Wilkins, Vickie Vickie's info on Goodreads If Horses Could Talk
 Williams, Rod Book on Amazon New Angle - New View