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2011 TWW AuthorsBookWebsite
2011 TWW AuthorsBookWebsite
Carson, Connie "Texas Bound" 
Chapman, Lara "Flawless" 
Cook, Rose "Danyale's Amazing Hair" 
Edwards, Wayne "Why Aren't There Dragons in the Zoo?" 
Frontier, Deborah "The Best of J.W. Nara" 
Garner, Diane "Letters from the Big Bend: Legacy of a Pioneer" 
Hannah, Martha "The Ghost of Hampton Court" (audio) 
Hiser, Doug "Montana Mist: Winter of the White Wolf" 
James, Brooklyn "The Boots My Mother Gave Me" 
Kearby, Mike "Texas Tales Illustrated: The Revolution" 
Kleinschmidt, Sheryl "Rest in Peace on the Yegua" 
Martin, JoAn Watson "Yankee Girl" 
Pirtle, Caleb III "Gamble in the Devil's Chalk" 
Rein, Alan "Two Minutes to Die: A Lifetime to Live" 
Rodriguez, Romelia "Getting Me Back"  
Sebesta, Marilyn "Scout, the Dog who Learned Mona Lisa's Secret" 
Spoede, Bob "Angel Lost"  
Wilbur, Dee "A Foolish Plucking" 
Showing 18 items