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Want to see if your favorite author has made it to a Texas Word Wrangler Festival?
Check below for a list of authors who will be appearing at our Festival and look for your favorite books!
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2019 Word WranglersWebsiteBook
2019 Word WranglersWebsiteBook
Allyn, John  Time Trials:H333 
Bax, Joe G.  Meadowbrook 
Capers, Harry P.  Dino Buddies Series 
Castillo, Angela  The Commanche Girls Prayer 
Chrismer, Melanie The Solar System Series 
Clinton, Roy  Love Child 
Earney, Michael P.  Michael Earney on Amazon Alga and Kevin 
Ellis, Willie H.  Armageddon Rising at Jade Helm 
Farmer, Larry  Seeing Gail Again 
Foley, Jamie  The Busy Mom's Guide to Writing 
Hayden, Jeanne (& Celia Hayes)  One Half-Dozen of Luna City 
Hayes, Celia (& Jeanne Hayden)  One Half-Dozen of Luna City 
Johnson, Karen Rivers  God Can You Hear Me Now 
Kronenberg, Kat  Love BIG 
Kunze, Otto R.  Kunze Up Front 
Lee, Ernie  Search for Aquasaurus 
Lowe, Judy Ann  El Nuevo Amigo De MJ 
Maluschka, Susan  Watching Movies with Christian Eyes 
Marceaux, Peggy  Beal Speak; A Fable & Language Workbook 
Meyer, Ruth  Faith Alone 
Mokry, Shannon L.  Bubbles and the Berry Bush 
Nickell, Cathey  Yazzy's Amazing Yarn 
Page, Michelle  Out of the Ashes She Rise 
Shields, Kathleen J.  The Painting 2 
Slick, Tabi  Timur's Escape 
Wendt, K.  Julie 
Wick, Audrey  Finding True North 
Wilbur, Dee (Dee Pipes & Charles Yates  I Kept Silence 
Wright, Augusta  Family Secrets 
Young, Cy  Onions 
Showing 30 items