Authors at Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival

14th Annual Texas Word Wrangler Book Festival
November 20-21, 2020  
Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 9am-3pm

Giddings Public Library & Cultural Center
276 N. Orange Street,
Giddings, Texas 78942

Giddings Public Library & Cultural Center and the Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the 14th Annual Texas Word Wranglers Festival on November 20-21, 2020.  Word Wranglers use words to convey ideas, stories, portray people and places.  We want to honor our Word Wranglers for their hard work and dedication to their craft.  We also want to give our community an opportunity to meet these authors and learn about the writing craft.

The authors we invite to participate in our Festival have written books on children’s stories, the art of quilting, archaeology, poetry, Texas cookbooks, bird watching, fiction, history, historical fiction, mystery, romance, music, Texas Gardening, and anything related to Texas. We have a two day festival at the Giddings Public Library & Cultural Center where authors sell their books and take questions. Some authors read or talk to groups of students that come in to the library.

Texas Word Wrangler Authors at the Schools

On Thursday, during the day, the authors are invited to visit the Giddings Public Schools to talk to students about the writing process, ideas for stories, how a book is taken from the idea to the written page and much more.  

Thursday evening a fundraising gala event is held to introduce the authors to the community. On Friday and Saturday, authors will be available to the public to sell and sign their books.

"Cowboys Receiving the Mail" by Otis Dozier, 1939

This painting which is part of 109 works of art painted during the Great Depression for display in Texas post offices & federal buildings, is located in the Giddings Post Office at 279 E Austin Street. It is a piece of living history, a reminder of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's efforts to give work to artists during that time of poverty.

Over ten thousand artists produced 100,000 paintings, 18,000 sculptures, over 13,000 prints and more than 4000 murals. Of these, 1300 murals were created for post offices and federal buildings in all 50 states.

So step back into history next time you go to buy stamps, stop and admire the hard work of this talented artist from the past.

Used with the permission of the United States Postal Service®. All rights reserved.